Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses? Flush 'Em

tp dressOnly five weeks left to buy up all the toilet paper you can and wrap it around your body. Nope, not for your bridal shower nor bachelorette party, you'll need it for the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest hosted by Cheap Chic Weddings.

The contest will launch in April and brides-to-be will have six weeks to submit photos of their TP wedding dresses -- the winner will be announced in early July.

If you've got tape, glue, a needle and thread, and a little bit of free time and creativity, this contest is up your alley. So how much toilet paper does it take to make a wedding dress?


Cheap Chic Weddings co-founder Susan Bain told AOL News:

I've seen someone use only four rolls for their dress and another contestant use 40. It really varies depending on the design and thickness of the dress. Some people really pack the toilet paper on, and others prefer using less toilet paper and reinforcing the pieces with a lot of glue or tape. Everyone has a different strategy.

The first place winner gets $1,000; second place gets $500; and third gets $250. This sounds like a lame amount of money for the amount of time and effort being put into these gowns. Then again, the website is about throwing a wedding on a budget, so maybe the modest prizes are intentional.

The dresses are judged on creativity, beauty, use of toilet paper, and originality. Some of the dresses are real works of art -- you wouldn't know right away by looking at them that they're made from the same material used to wipe your bum. Or also in my case to wipe that impossibly small space between the faucet and the splash guard.

The trickiest part of the contest is the dress must be worn and taken on and off in one piece to be considered a viable entry. What if the bride, in her Charmin original, is caught in a rainstorm. Or worse, a shit-storm! What if a toddler grabs the loose end of her dress and starts unravelling like a mad person. Don't they do that to the roll fixed in the bathroom?

There are so many dangers out there that could ruin the dresses -- it's a veritable minefield of liquid and toddler bombs. I wonder what happens if the bride cries on her wedding day. Overcome with love for family and friends (or overcome with fear and loathing that on this, her day of days, someone let her wear a gown made of Scott Rapid-Dissolving one-ply), a few tears drop on the dress. What then. A slow and steady disintegration of her gown 'til she's left dancing naked with her dad?

More power to the women out there who can not only dream up a TP dress, but can execute it. I don't want to flush the idea down the drain just yet, but it sounds like a lot of work to only end up with, best case scenario, one G and a wedding dress made out of ... toilet paper.

What do you think of the contest?

Photo via SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget/Flickr

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