Christina Aguilera Mugshot Looking Pretty -- Compared to These (PHOTOS)

christina aguileraCelebrity mugshots are always fun. They're like little Christmas presents given to us throughout the year, and the worse the perp looks, the better. The Christina Aguilera mugshot was delivered under our proverbial tree this morning and it was so nice to wake up to this gift from above.

Unfortunately, she didn't look that bad. And reports are saying that she was extremely kind and cooperative during her arrest for public intoxication and not at all belligerent. This is not what I would've expected from this fallen starlet, but I guess she's got some class hidden there in her inflated bosom.

Christina didn't look terrible, just maybe a little puffy. But you know who looked awful in their mugshots? These stars:


Nick Nolte was arrested in California in 2002 for having a bad hair day, wearing a terrible Hawaiian shirt, and for driving under the influence.

nick nolte









Andy Dick got booked in 2008 for sexual battery and drug charges. The police didn't have to talk to witnesses or search his pockets; they took one look at him and knew he was guilty.

andy dick










I'll have what she's having. Heidi Fleiss was arrested in 2008 on prescription drug possession. Makes Christina look downright stylish, doesn't it?

heidi fleiss










Mishca, Mischa, Mischa! Mischa Barton was arrested in December 2007 for her trailer trash dye-job and Salvation Army t-shirt. She was also pulled over for drunk driving. Unconfirmed if she got wasted on a sixer of Milwaukee's Best.

mischa barton












Yasmine Bleeth was detained in 2002 for looking like a deranged Jazzercise instructor. And for coke, lots of coke.

yasmine bleeth










After looking at these hideous celebrity mugshots, Christina's looks pretty and demure. I mean, she's no Anna Chapman or Nicole Richie (two of the hottest mugs out there, I cut my bangs like Nic after this shot was released), but Christina's no scrub, either.

What do you think of Christina's mugshot?

Photos (top to bottom) nick step/Flickr,;;;;

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