Irina Shayk Supermodel Secret Is Surprisingly Hot

Irina Shayk is the hottest thing around right now, and what she has going on below the belt is nothing short of miraculous for those of us ladies who have been shaving our legs for more than 20 years. Yep, you may have guessed it, the Sports Illustrated cover girl whose bangin' bod is currently launching a million male hormones has leg hair.

OK, so we aren't talking ape hair here. She doesn't look like Bigfoot. She has that downy, perfect blond hair that almost looks like peach fuzz. It's, dare I say it, SEXY. Seriously, seriously, sexy ... oh I know. I hate her, too. She can not shave her legs and still be hot.

Coming from me, this is high praise, too. I have shaved my legs since I was 10 (yes, 10) and have never missed a day. Even nine months pregnant, there I was, leg over head, balancing on one foot all to achieve that smooth feeling my husband loves so much.


Oh I know all the feminist arguments for not taking it all off, but I am hairless and loving it. I love a silky smooth look and have since I was 10. My poor mom. I started shaving my legs back in the fifth grade when my boyfriend (I know, the story keeps getting worse) told me he didn't like the feel of the hair on my legs when we cuddled on the playground's Eagle Nest. It's much more innocent than it sounds, a lot of holding hands and hugging and maybe one or two pecks. Nothing nefarious.

But that night, I took a razor to the problem and nicked my poor legs to shreds. My mother cried, but I was determined, so she bought me my own razor and shave I did.

I have continued to do so for years. Other women are welcome to do whatever they want, but hairless has always been the look for me. Honestly, I'm no longer even sure what the hair on my legs even looks like, but I suppose if it were downy wisps like Shayk's, I might reconsider.

It takes me about two minutes to completely shave both legs daily (along with other parts). In a week, that adds up to 14 minutes. If I had 14 minutes back per week, what might I do? Food for thought ...

Do you think leg hair can be sexy?


Photo via Bjorn Iooss/Sports Illustrated

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