The Higher the Heel, the Closer to God?

Nordstrom"Look at that woman's shoes," I said to my husband last night as we waited in the valet line at The Palm.

She was standing on the sidewalk with a group of musicians, dressed to the groupie nines in a pair of sky-high platform stilettos, much like the Mary Jane Platform Louboutins (Nordstrom, $995) pictured here.

"WOW," Hubs said. "Those are ridiculous!"

"I know," I said admiringly, gazing at her with a mixture of envy and awe.

She looked so long and lean in her six-inch heels. So stylish. So edgy.

And then her car arrived and she turned and began to walk toward it ...

And, well.

Let's just say it was not good.

I mean, you couldn't really call what she was doing 'walking.'

A closer term would be 'stumbling.'

Her heels were so crazy high that when she moved, she looked like a first-timer on stilts.

My husband started laughing as we watched her lurch out into the street, clutching at her group of friends for support.

"You see what I mean?" he said. "Ridiculous."

"Hubs," I said witheringly. "That's the look. That's what's supposed to happen. The best shoes now are made for being photographed in. Moving around in them is another story."

It's true. The hottest celebs all wear impossibly high heels now -- Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Kim Kardashian are a few notable members of the mile-high stilettos club. But while they look great in photographs, all three of them also have been teased in the media for not being able to walk in them. Lady Gaga has tripped and gone sprawling in hers. Kim Kardashian broke a toe after tripping in her Louboutin stiletto booties.

And I'm a bit embarrassed to say that our entire conversation came up last night after a 5-minute walk to the theater became a 15-minute one, due to the fact that I was wearing my highest platform heels and had to creep along at a snail's pace in order to not come out of them.

Our female ancestors fought societal battles to do away with everything from foot binding to corsets to dresses and skirts to bras. And now I wonder if we're undoing all their efforts -- by buying into the idea of wearing heels so high, we can't even properly walk in them.

They sure do look hot, though.

What's your opinion on the matter?


Image via Nordstrom


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Pishyah Pishyah

I stripped in them for years. I got this.

Kelle... KelleyP77

LOL I think it's just silliness, really. I'll admit to suffering through a little bit of foot pain in order to look awesome in a new pair of heals, but I draw the line at shoes that are so tall, blocky, or heavy that they cease to function. Besides, if I even attemped to wear a pair of those, with my long skinny legs, I would seriously resemble an ostrich, flamingo, or stork.

ZsMommy ZsMommy

Leave em for the bedroom as FMP's-don't have to worry bout walking there-lol

nonmember avatar Sandy

Actually I think that they look ridiculous. I especially hate the mega platform shoes, they will always look like stripper heels to me. Also, as someone who is 5'8", I have no desire to be over 6'. 3" is about my max and it is HARD to find cute, let alone hot, shoes with that heel height.

Kris Gamble

I can't even wear regular heels very long. I have weak arches. Shoe shopping in the summer is so depressing.

Heart... HeartCharmMama

Back when I was single with no kids, I totally loved wearing high heels.  I went to Aldo every weekend to buy a paid and I was the envy of my friends.  Now I can barely walk in flats.  I will get back to where I was hopefully by spring. 

LOL@Kelley.  Or as my friend refers, "like a baby giraffe learning how to walk..."

jagam... jagamama0710

LOL I think the high platform heels look absolutely stupid unless you're a stripper. Or, like Z'smommy said, use them for FMPs! My highest pair is a couple inches. And they weren't platform or stripper-esque. Adorable, but I only wore them twice. Once to pick up my hubby when he came home from deployment and then once on a date night. Generally, I stick to boots (that don't have crazy heels), flip flops, and tennis shoes.

theAm... theAmberShow

Louboutin himself can fly in from Paris and deliver his latest sparkly offering to my front doorstep, and I still wouldn't wear them if I coudln't walk in them. I understand being a little uncomfortable to look sharp (otherwise it would be jammies all the time for everyone!) but anything that will impede my ability to walk is a no-go. It's an especially damaging message to send to younger girls, too.

MamaK88 MamaK88

I can't wait for high heels to go the way of Chinese foot-binding.  IMO, high heels look totally effing ridiculous. 

Morgan Bedford

I love my heels. I wish I had a good reason, but I don't. The only place I don't usually wear heels is work, because I work at a farm. Otherwise, I wear heels pretty much everywhere, just because I want to. The lowest pair of heels I have is 3 inches. One of those is a pair of cowboy boots, the other is a pair of black heels that I only wear for job interviews. Walking in them is mainly about posture and proper fit. If the shoe is too big or too tight, you won't be able to walk; it has to fit just right. As far as the message we are sending to younger girls or whether or not we are going against what feminists did for us, I think the real message we should be concerned with is that every woman has the right to wear what SHE likes, and not having to conform to what others think.

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