Madonna Joins Embarrassing Mom Outfit Club

madonnaI guess you can still be embarrassed by your mom even when she's the most famous, if not loved, woman in the world. Madonna and daughter, Lourdes Leon, stepped out to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday night, and momma Madonna wore something a little ... strange. She walked the red carpet and presumably partied the night away in nothing more than underwear, stockings, and a lacy floor-length nightgown. She kind of looked like a drunk grandma dressed as Morticia for Halloween.

And by the look on Lourdes' face, I think she agrees with me. I know what that tightened brow, that smile through the teeth, that sweaty upper-lip means every time I've seen it: someone's embarrassed by mom's outfit.


As a young girl in the mid '90s, I can specifically remember one of my mom's outfits that made me cringe like Lourdes. Sorry, Mom. She wore white Reeboks, light-wash jeans, a white turtleneck, and a hot pink cable knit pullover. It was hideous and she wore it to what it seemed like all my outdoor soccer games. Meanwhile, I was stylin' of course in my Limited Too red jeans and matching red jean jacket with a red and white striped mock turtleneck underneath, but I'll leave my fashion wins out of this.

It's funny how cognizant of fashion we are as kids. I guess we want our parents (and ourselves) to be perceived as cool and hip so much so that we're actually worried that one hot pink sweater, or one barely there Elvira nightgown, will hurt our social standing.

Madonna's fashion misses get a little more attention than my mom's, or your mom's, but Lourdes, like all of us, is mostly concerned about how Mom's outfit reflects on Daughter. I bet she just begged her mom to change before they left the house. "Please, mom! Put on a skirt at least!" And Madonna took Lourdes into her over-toned arms and squeezed her close, "Hush my dear, for I am Madonna." At least that's what my mom said to me whenever I complained about that magenta disaster.

Can you remember being embarrassed by something your mom wore?

Photo via Splash News

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