Lady Gaga Channels Her Inner Redneck

TwitterIt looks like Lady Gaga has ditched her fake subdermal implants in favor of a bold new look ...

Trailer trash.

Gotta love double denim, extra-long nails, and two-toned hair.

Gaga posted this photo of herself on Twitter yesterday.

Apparently, she's hoping her new hairstyle will catch on.

Here's what she had to say about the look on Twitter ...


"Dyed my bangs black," she wrote. "Its my new monsterlook. Let the mitosis of the future begin."

I'm sorry, Gaga, but what does cell division have to do with dyeing your bangs black?

Anyway, this entire look from tips to toes is nothing I haven't seen outside any rural convenience store in Tennessee. All she needs to complete it is red high heels and a cigarette.

But LG's new hairstyle isn't the scariest part of this story.

Oh no.

Rumor has it that she has been asked to be godmother of Elton John's new baby.

My word. Can you imagine having Lady Gaga as a godmother?

Perhaps we'll start seeing photos of her soon, taking young Zachary to the playground. What on earth do you think she'll wear then?

So tell me ... what do you think of Gaga's new look? Do you think black bangs with blond hair will catch on?


Image via Twitter

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