Jennifer Hudson Oscars 2011: Is Jenn Too Thin?

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Jennifer HudsonPerhaps the most talked about celebrity on the Oscars red carpet last night was the newly svelte Jennifer Hudson.

Jennifer has lost an amazing amount of weight since becoming Weight Watchers' celebrity spokesperson and I thought she looked fantastic in this tangerine gown.

However, not everyone thinks Jenn's weight loss is a good thing.

Some commenters here on The Stir were concerned that Jennifer is getting too thin.

What do you think?

Are the unrealistic standards of Hollywood's size zero actresses messing with Jennifer's body image, or is her weight loss a good thing?

Here's what some of you had to say about J-Hud last night ...

"jennifer hudson is literally disappearing ..."

"I don't like JH that thin. It's too thin."

On my personal blog this morning, though, there were a few different takes...

"I think she looks awesome. That dress would never be my choice, but I thought it looked fantastic on her."

"I thought Jennifer Hudson looked amazing and I loved the color!"

My take? I think Jennifer looked fantastic, and I don't think she has gotten too thin.

I do wonder, though, if she'll be able to maintain this weight. I also worry that she'll keep whittling down her weight because she's still larger than most Hollywood actresses her age.

I hope Jennifer will stay just the size she is now and not get any smaller. At this moment, she has an ideal, healthy figure for Hollywood, and calls to mind the glamorous curves of the '50s and '60s. I'd like to see more of this. Wouldn't you?

Tell me your opinion on Jennifer's recent weight loss. Too much or just right?


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LoriA... LoriAnn87

I think she looks great and I love the guy's face in the back.. He has that look like some one farted really bad or someone has good looking butt. lol

ksbon... ksbondgirl

I loved the color on her and the basic shape of the dress but her cleavage was not up to a dress cut that way.  They were a little "deflated" but this is what comes with losing weight.  All in all I think her new weight looks great on her.

Elizabeth Pattison

OMG! Give the girl a break people. She was too fat, now she is too thin?? She can't win either way.

nonmember avatar Sandy

I love the dress and think that she looks great except for her "girls." I can't quite figure it out but something about them is off.

jinxmom jinxmom

I think she looks great.  The thing is when other women have lost weight, they looked sickly b/c their head/face looked to big for their body but JH looks proportioned.  Go Jennifer

kelli... kelli0585

She doesn't look too thin to me. 

Maybe people are having a hard time adjusting to the "new" her. 

If this was the first time I had ever seen her, I wouldn't think that she was "too thin."   Pretty normal and healthy to me.  But juxtaposed to a before pic, the difference is pretty great.

I do think that attacking an otherwise healthy person for being too thin is JUST AS detrimental as attacking someone for being too fat.  Here's to hoping that Ms. Hudson does what she thinks is best for her and ignores the negativity. 



nonmember avatar sunshinelove

To autjor jhud is not still larger than most hollywood actresses her age.. She looks about a size 2 or 4 now which is what most hollywood actresses are. This woman is Fabulous...If people are talking and saying anything negative they are just jealous!

bsawy... bsawyer84

I think her curves are perfect! She's certainly not too thin. People are so petty.

jagam... jagamama0710

I totally agree with you!!! I hope she doesn't get any smaller because she looks incredibly healthy, fit, and happy where she is right now. She looks great! :) 

Linds... LindsayFerrier

LOL, maybe Jennifer needed a little cami to go underneath! I did notice that her boobs were not quite where you'd want them to be in that dress. But it wasn't noticeably awful.

And there's no WAY she's a size two. I think she's definitely got some Spanx action going on in this dress- and I say that from experience!  :D I'd say size four MAYBE and probably more like a six- and I think that's as smal as she'd want to go without starting to look emaciated.

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