Hey Moms, Join the Cult of Koobli!

KoobliHey moms! Are you tired of your little hooligans putting their grubby mitts all over your expensive designer clothes? THEN YOU NEED A KOOBLI.

What's a Koobli you ask? Oh, you're definitely going to want to find out ...


A Koobli is a unisex garment that'll let you have your family and your Gucci blouse, too! It's not a bad idea -- I keep several aprons in my kitchen closet for this very reason. But there's only one problem.


KoobliThe Koobli is fugly.


KoobliAnd I don't know how you're going to convince your husband to wear one. I mean, what man in his right mind would play basketball in a Koobli? Besides this one, I mean ...


KoobliStill, Koobli manufacturers swear there are many great uses for a Koobli. Here's what some Koobli customers had to say ...

"Who would have thought that there would finally be JUST the right cover-up for my suits so I can feed my turtle and not get dirty before work?! LOVE my new koobli -- such a perfect solution ... and had totally made my life easier -- thanks!" --John, NYC

I only wish John had included pictures. *snicker*

And here's another testimonial from Meredith ...

“I’ve been wearing my new koobli as I drive to and from work, and it’s amazing the relief I feel that none of my snacks or drinks are accidentally falling on to my lap and messing up or staining my work clothes!" --Meredith, NJ

Seriously, Meredith? You drive around in a Koobli? What the hell are you eating, anyway?

I do see one use for the Koobli that wasn't mentioned on the Koobli website. It would make the PERFECT uniform for a cult, don't you think?

The Cult of Koobli!

I'm loving it.

Would you wear a Koobli? More importantly, would your husband play basketball in it?


Images via Koobli

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