Cate Blanchett: Worst Oscar Dress in History?

Cate Blanchett is talented, beautiful, and intelligent, all things that we should all aspire to be. She is also elegant and regal 99 percent of the time, but last night at the Oscars, she looked like a bubbling, pus-filled skin disease. Her dress was just atrocious. Sorry, but it's true.

She walked the red carpet in this pink monstrosity and I truly shivered. I have a particular phobia about skin rashes and that is exactly what her dress looked like. Imagine pustules and skin pockets bubbling to the surface and that might give you an idea of this dress.

The funny thing is, some bloggers have liked it! The monstrosity was designed by Givenchy Couture and the only way to describe it is Pepto pink with some kind of Braille message written on it. She looked like an Easter egg gone so very wrong.


I don't get it. She typically has such fashion sense and always seems to favor classic, lovely gowns that highlight her swan-like appearance. She isn't one to go for the shocking dress just to get points, so choosing this dress is a bit of a mystery.

I told my husband last night that it would give me nightmares and sure enough, it did. It was a night full of fashion hits -- Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence -- and misses. But Blanchett took home the fashion Razzie in my estimation.

Blanchett is regally beautiful, but a bit on the unusual side. Like Maggie Gyllenhaal or Minnie Driver, she is the kind of lovely that is best suited to simple or regal fabrics and classic lines. A dress like Lawrence's in a more flattering color would have suited Blanchett best of all. Her best accessories are her posture and her figure. She doesn't need embellishment on the dress to make her pop any more. For instance, the dress she wore in 2005 to the Napoli Film Festival -- a green Alexander McQueen Fall 2005 dress. It was perfect -- A-line, one clean crisp color that worked perfectly with her hair and figure and coloring. The more simple, the better for Cate!

On the plus side, if there is ever a role for an alien queen who grows a colony of spiders in little sacks attached to her skin, Blanchett should be shoo-in. So, good on her!

What did you think of her dress?


Image via Splash News

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