Worst Dressed Oscars 2011: And the Award Goes To ...

melissa leoMelissa Leo may have won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Fighter, but she also took home another title last night: worst dressed. Leo's custom-made Marc Bouwer gown looked great hours earlier when it was used as an ornamental doily during high tea in the green room, so Melissa just shook off the crumbs, rubbed out the coffee stains, and viola, Oscar gown.

Her awkward dress, banana clip updo, and naughty mouth made me think she was still channelling Alice Ward and that Dicky helped her get ready. Head body, head body!


I wasn't expecting this from Leo, she looked stunning at the Golden Globes in her black, beaded Marc Bouwer, but last night's fell short. I love a high collar, but this one didn't make her look regal; it made her look like a soccer mom in a floppy mock turtleneck. The slit in the front didn't work with the dress, but against it.

And it's a shame the dress didn't accentuate Melissa's great figure. Its structure was too rigid and didn't hug her curves, but hid them in a column of white lace. Her hair looked half-assed like she was washing her face pre-show and threw her hair in a clip that was sitting by the sink, and was like, "Meh, that'll do." Then she put on a spider necklace to complete the look. Melissa!

I guess I wanted her to come out looking ultra-feminine and soft (she is so beautiful!) because we're all used to seeing her in ridiculous denim get-ups in The Fighter, and men's trousers and grandma shirts from Homicide: Life on the Street.

If the dress didn't turn off fans, maybe her acceptance speech did. She dropped the f-bomb on stage, then quickly covered her mouth. Not the time nor the place, but I guess she was caught up in the moment. Between her dress and the cursing, she seemed more like her character in The Fighter than I wanted.

What did you think of Melissa Leo's dress?

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