Why I Love Crocs

CrocsIt's cool to hate Crocs.

In fact, so much Croc hatred is out there that the word 'Crocs' has become synonymous with 'really tacky shoes.'

And as your resident style blogger, I don't like to align myself with anything tacky.

That's why I can't believe I'm telling you this, but here goes:

I love Crocs.

And here's why...


Crocs are the ultimate yard shoe.

You can garden in them, run out and get the paper or the mail in them, wear them in the rain, splash in mud puddles and get them as dirty as you want. There's no shoe out there that's easier to clean off than a Croc- and when they look completely worn out, it's no biggie- They're so cheap that you can easily afford to buy a new pair.

I love them even more, though, for my kids. Each summer, both my children get a brand new pair of Crocs- and they LIVE in them. Suddenly, getting the kids out the door is a breeze- There are no velcro straps, no buckles, no laces to tie. They simply insert their feet into their Crocs and we're out the door.

And again, with kids we have the cleaning issue. Kids get shoes dirty. Crocs are easy to clean off. Crocs are cheap. Any questions?

I wouldn't personally wear Crocs out beyond a quick run to the gas station, but I don't have a problem with people who do. Crocs are awesome. Everyone should have a pair, in my opinion- at least as yard shoes. Especially kids.

In fact, I really don't get why so many moms have a problem with Crocs on kids. ARE YOU CRAZY? These shoes were made for kids! They're PERFECT.

That's my opinion on Crocs, and I'm proud of it.

What's yours?


Image via Roland/Flickr

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