Will Angelina's Gift to Brad Start Cringe-Worthy Trend?


brad pittAngelina Jolie is no stranger to gift giving. She gave a vial of her blood to ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton, she's donated millions to charity, and now hottie Brad Pitt is getting in on the action.

Jolie went to London designer Robert Procop and commissioned a six-figure diamond pendant that she'll give to Brad. I wouldn't have pegged Brad as an ice-lover, but I guess he likes a little bling bling. Well, a lot of bling bling. Hundreds of thousands of dollars for one piece means, professionally speaking, lots of sparklies.

I love that Angelina is giving Brad a thoughtful and meaningful gift -- it shows her confidence and independence. But I'm worried that we're going to see more man-jewelry now -- I'm not a fan of a bedazzled dude.

Brad's pendant design is inspired by the Egyptian amulets that contained secret messages, and his will have a microscopic engraving from Angelina, as well. Ooh! Secrets secrets are no fun. They hurt me, because I want to know what it says.

Anyway, I think Brad is one of the best looking men on the planet, but even his vibe could be ruined by bejewelling. I think the worst offender out there right now is Rachel Zoe's husband Rodger, who is overly accessorized to the tenth degree. Layered necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches ... blech. Too much.

I'm hoping that Brad's diamond pendant won't encourage a whole new breed of Rodgers to wear their leather cords, CZ earrings, and beaded bracelets. I find it effeminate, but my upbringing could have something to do with it. My dad, allergic to most precious metals, can't wear any jewelry. So I guess it's just ingrained in me that jewelry is for the ladies, and the ladies only.

What do you think of jewelry on a man?

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ArmyGal ArmyGal

Have you been blind for the last ten years? More men have been wearing jewelry then ever. I'm sure this is just a post to give the AJ haters another thing to b*tch and moan about.

littl... littlelambe

I agree with you. Jewelry for men is ick!

Anne Sambora Ginsberg

The only jewelry a man needs to wear is a wedding ring.  And a watch.  Period.  No class rings, no huge religious medals, no bracelets, no earrings. 

Angie Iam

I don't like earrings on men but they can wear ONE PIECE of bling. a ring OR a pendant OR a watch. not all at once

AuraO... AuraOosterveld

I actually think that some guys can pull it off. I don't mind the look as long as it isn't excessive, a la rap star with GIANT blingy necklaces and such.

My husband generally wears his wedding band, a watch, and his small engineering graduate pinky ring (it looks like a thin, grey nut).

Catronia Catronia

My husband usually only wears his wedding band and his watch but every once in awhile he will wear the silver Celtic knot bad I got for him and a silver necklace with this beautiful coral pendent that was hand carved but that is as far as either are comfortable with.

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