Is a Wonder Woman Craze Coming?

Wonder WomanDavid E. Kelly's version of Wonder Woman is slated to return to television on NBC this fall, and M.A.C. is jumping on the bandwagon early with a cool line of Wonder Woman-themed makeup.

I wondered if other designers are anticipating a run by trendsetters on all things Wonder Woman in advance of the show. You won't believe the Wonder Woman-inspired designer accessories I found!

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Admit it. You've fantasized about wearing Wonder Woman's boots. And now you can, with these Funtasma Women's Wonder Knee-High Boots (Endless, $46.95).


MACMAC's Wonder Woman Bold Babe Tote (M.A.C., $49.50) is all kinds of awesome.


EndlessThis DC Comics Cuff is cute, but the price (Endless, $172.50) is WAY steep -- particularly when you'd really need to buy two to get it right. Despite the expense, though, this bracelet has sold out! Hmmmm ...


EndlessThis DC Comics Wonder Woman necklace from Endless is cute, but come on ... $207? Puh. Leeze.

EndlessThis Armitron watch (Endless, $22.50) may fit your budget a little better -- and when you get tired of it, give it to your daughter!

M.A.C.I have to admit, I love the design of M.A.C.'s Wonder Woman line. This Wonder Woman Powder Blush (M.A.C., $24) is totally cute.

So ... do you foresee a Wonder Woman trend on the horizon? And will you watch the show?

Images (top to bottom): MAC, Endless, M.A.C, Endless, Endless, Endless, M.A.C.

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