Kate and William Get Engaged and Age 20 Years

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Kate MiddletonPrince William and his fiancee, Kate Middleton, made their first joint royal appearance today, and speaking of appearances, both of them looked like they'd gotten dressed in clothing from their grandparents' closets.

Kate's outfit might have looked appropriate on a woman in her late 40s, but on the 29-year-old, it looked rather drab and frumpy. The "fascinator" headpiece, in particular, was incredibly dowdy.

Meanwhile, William added to the grandpa effect with a plain overcoat and boring suit.

Quick -- cover up their faces in this photo ...

You'd think you were looking at a dull, middle-aged couple on their way to church, wouldn't you?

Kate seems eager to please the royal family, much like Diana did in the early years. I hope she won't lose the spark that attracted William to her in the first place. 

I have loved her sense of style up to this point and I'm praying she won't tone it down in hopes of being "proper." In this photo, it looks like she took fashion tips from the Queen herself, and that is not good at all.

The most bothersome thing about this outfit is that each of the pieces she's wearing could be fine on their own. Together, though, they're just wrong. There's too much brown going on. Her boots paired with the rest of the outfit are too conservative. Her hairstyle is outdated. Nothing about her look is remotely interesting.

I think that in this case, a more daring pair of shoes might have made a big difference -- or a scarf that added a burst of color. Or losing that hideous fascinator.

And on the rest of us, this outfit would probably be perfectly fine, if unremarkable (minus the hat, anyway). But when the world is watching, you've got to shake it up a bit, Kate. You have the rest of your life to look like an old lady.


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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kdmc99 kdmc99

Well, that is an unfortunate picture of Kate.  The one featured on People is much better.  I loved the hat and I don't think she looks dowdy.  As far as "a more daring pair of shoes", this was an official Royal Engagement.  I think her shoes were lovely and quite appropriate.  And what would you have the future King of England where on an official (and cold) Royal Engagement besides a blue suit and overcoat?

charl... charlottej

I think they look fine.  They aren't as shallow as Americans.  This isn't a fashion show.

poshkat poshkat

i think its fine. everyone is putting too much effort into criticizing them and comparing her to princess Diana. she isn't the late princess and people need to stop. its royal engagement, they need to dress like royals do, and i think she looks great. William looks nice but not his usual self he seems very tired. im sure its very tiring to be on the front pages everyday and im sure it wont stop anytime soon, once they get married it'll be a race to see how fast they have children.

Buffi Helton Messer

Having lived in England for a few years, I remember how bone-chiilingly COLD it is this time of year, The damp with the wind is just horrible. So, I can see why she chose what she's wearing. Did you get a look at those legs? WOWZA! Yes, her shoes might have been more daring, but then her feet would have been cold. And I kinda like those with the tights. The headpiece is a little goofy, but very trendy over there, especially among the upper-class for some reason.  William just looks like a guy in a coat trying to stay warm. 

I think they are adorable together. And Kate carries herself with so much more confidence and self-assuredness than Diana ever did. I think she'll be fine. Pretty sure she won't let anyone bully her about anything, I have a feeling....

vamom08 vamom08

Do she suppose to dress like lady gaga or something I like the look she is getting married to a prince not a pimp.

nonmember avatar Meg

You thought that fascinator was dowdy??? I would LOVE to be able to wear things like that here in the US. Kate looks dressed appropriately for the weather and the job to me.

princ... princesscariboo

 Frumpy? I think they classy and well put together. I for one am tired of people who think jeans come in a "dressy" version


I think they look terrific and make an engaging couple. I think she looks wonderful and she's dressed for the cold weather. It looks very windy and cold in this shot. I think she's smart and confident to be able to dress for herself and not conform and be a fashion conscious ninny. I can see the article now, "future queen dressed in cocktail dress for important meeting." With some people this young couple will never win.

Elizabeth Pattison

I agree, it is a bad photo of her. I saw another, she looks great.  Besies she isn't in a fashion show, she is doing loyal duty,. They both look great.

dabab... dababimama

I like her outfit. Me thinks thou doth protest too much. Let's not find fault where there is none.

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