Victoria's Secret Bridal Line More Trashy Than Sweet

Victoria's Secret has usually been that she wants to turn you into a little tart and the store's bridal line is not much different. The collection comes in whites, reds, blacks, and blues (for that "something blue"), but the basic message is the same: I am your hot little stripper wife. Is that really the message you want on your wedding day?

There is not much sexier than the moment when your new husband unzips the bridal gown and reveals what is beneath. If you have been saving it (or even if you haven't), that moment when you're about to consummate your union is hot, hot, hot. What is the message you want to send in that moment? What is wifely enough? These questions plagued me during the lead-up to my wedding and I ended up wearing a pair of blue lacy hip hugger underwear (something blue) and a white bustier. Both were plain, but he didn't care. I also bought a beautiful white nightgown to sleep in on our wedding night and lingerie for our honeymoon.


It was all very sexy, but classy. Classy was key. The Victoria's Secret Bridal Collection? Not so much with the classy ... Don't believe me? Judge for yourself:

Sexy little bride panties: $12.50

More like trashy little bride, no? These are cute. Kind of. For a stripper. These are about as "unbridal" as you can get.

Bustle back slip: $48

There is nothing cute about this at all. It looks a little like a bridal gown and a little like a stripper outfit. It doesn't look like anything a man would actually find sexy and, quite frankly, a bustle in the bum doesn't make anyone look good!

Bridal thong: $11.50

If there was ever a day to skip the thong, your wedding day would be it! Ouch, ouch, and ouch!

There are some pretty things that are less trashy, but personally, I think the wedding day is not a day for bling-y stripper clothes. It's a day for silks and luxurious fabrics that move over the body sexily. It's a sexy day all on its own, not one that needs the word "SEXY" spelled out in rhinestones on the bum.

What do you think of this collection?

All photos via Victoria's Secret

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