Beyonce in Blackface Sparks Major Criticism

Beyonce BlackfaceJust a few days ago, she went blond and was accused of betraying women of color.

Now, Beyonce is wearing blackface for an editorial spread in French magazine L'Officiel Paris and critics are baring their claws once again.


The inspiration for the makeup for the photo shoot is the result of "several African rituals during which paint is used on the face," according to a statement from the magazine given to Access Hollywood. "We find the images beautiful and inspiring."

But not everyone agrees.

Jezebel writer Dodai Stewart writes:

It's one thing to feel moved by Fela Kuti [a Nigerian musician who inspired songs from Beyonce's upcoming album], and quite another to treat blackness as a fashion accessory, like a pair of glittery heels you put on because it looks cool.

Charing Ball from the Atlanta Post adds:

While my adoration for Beyonce’s talent and work ethic are unparalleled, I’m not quite sure as to why she would agree to do a photo shoot that associates her with one of the most deeply rooted racist images in American history.

And Nadra Kareem Nittle from Bitch Magazine writes:

I have no idea what Beyoncé’s politics are or if she’s at all socially conscious, but blackface is terribly offensive—no matter if the person wearing it is white, black, or from another racial group ... Blackface simply can’t be separated from its ugly history. It was used to literally paint African Americans as cartoonish and sub-human.

The photos are going viral on the Internet and everyone seems to have an opinion about them, mostly negative.

What say you?


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