Jennifer Aniston New Haircut Sends Masses to Salon?

jennifer anistonLike all great trend-setters, Jennifer Aniston has to test her power from time to time. She must wave her wand of influence over the masses and see who falls under her spell. So on February 22, she headed to the tallest cliff in the world, threw her glittery pixie dust over the sharp edge, and took off her heavy velvet cape and hood to reveal her new cure for cancer. Haircut! I mean to reveal her new haircut.

Time will tell if Jen's new 'do will become a trend. If it does, then Jen's power will be strengthened and validated, and she'll live to be 150. If it doesn't, she'll have to try to influence us in other ways. I for one am not looking forward to an Aniston cookbook, so let's hope the haircut takes off.

And if history repeats itself, I'm sure the new haircut will inspire lots of us to hit the salon. Let's take a look at the old Aniston hairstyles we knew and loved ... and imitated.


The year was 2000 and Jennifer, on Brad's arm, showed us how to wear a long, straight ponytail.

jennifer aniston











In 2006, Aniston taught us how to wear a high, flirty ponytail.

jennifer aniston










In 2009, I learned from her how to look like a carefree California babe with a braid, and I haven't looked back since.

jennifer aniston












I can't wait to copy her newest look. Well, in my fantasy that is. I'm not strong enough to chop off inches of my long brown hair and go blond and short. But I can pretend.

Do you think Jen's latest cut will become a trend?

Photos from top to bottom via Splash News, Scott Gries/Getty, Splash News, and Jason Merritt/Getty

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