Jennifer Aniston Chops Off Her Signature Locks!

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Jennifer AnistonMost Hollywood starlets change their hairstyle with the same regularity as they change their underwear ...

Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, found a look that worked for her about 10 years ago and since then she's stuck to her look with the tenacity of a pitbull clinging to a bail bondsman's leg.

Until now.

Ladies and ... ladies?


(And lightened it.)

This is shocking news in the Aniston world and, I'm inclined to believe, another sign of End Times.

The question is ... how do you like her now?

The drastic new 'do occurred smack dab in the middle of her public appearances for Just Go With It, and I'm inclined to believe it was the result of a crisis of confidence on Jen's part. In fact, I think Ms. Aniston may have even been having an All About Eve moment that led to her haircut decision.

You see, Victoria's Secret model Brooklyn Decker is also in the film -- and on the publicity circuit, she's been stealing our girl Jen's thunder.

That, as you know, simply won't do.

Perhaps Jen knew that chopping off her signature locks would put the spotlight right back where it oughta be -- ON HER.

While I don't think Jennifer looks bad at all and I think it's an excellent cut for moms to consider who don't want to spend too much time on their hair, it definitely makes Jennifer look a tad bit older -- and I know she doesn't want that. I'm betting she's going to let it grow right back out again. And that should take all of three months or so, right? I mean, she only cut off a few inches!

What do you think of Jennifer's bold new look?


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Tori Walker Garrett

meh...I wouldn't call it bold, that is for sure.  She always looks the same to me. Always beautiful, but always the same.

Angela Russow

I like it. I'm actually going in next week to have most of mine chopped off and colored. :)

cassi... cassie_kellison

I like it, but It's not really drastically different, its only a couple inches shorter, in less than a year it will look exactly the same. I have always loved her hair!

winte... winterrose82

It's not really THAT different. It's a great haircut, but it's not a major change. 

Buffi Helton Messer

You know, I heard this on the radio and saw two or three headlines about it before I saw the picture. Once I saw it, I thought, "THAT'S IT??" I really expected her to have a pixie cut or something. Not just basically the same 'do only three inches shorter. Lordy, people. Her PR team must have a LOT of power to make this a news story.

And you're right, while it looks fine, it really isn't doing her any favors in the "looking younger" dept.

Kimberly Hampton

I don't know what all the fuss is about. The hair is the same...only shorter and really not that short.


I love her no matter what. She's beautiful and she's one class act.

Freela Freela

I wouldn't call taking off a few inches a 'bold new look.'  Going from halfway down the back to the shoulders is not that drastic!  It is nice to see her change things up... I think she's had almost the same haircut since she grew out the 'Rachel cut' a decade ago.  It's gotta feel good to get out of that rut though... I can't imagine not getting bored after ten years with essentially the same cut.

bills... billsfan1104

OOOOH, she removed the weave. BIG DEAL!!! She isnt all that great of an actress anyway. I dont know why people are so up her twat.

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