Christian Siriano for Spiegel: Total Disappointment

Christian Siriano for SpiegelI loved plucky little Christian Siriano on Project Runway, and I've been happy to see that he's gotten plenty of fashion industry work since his PR win, designing dresses for young starlets and shoes for Payless.

So you can imagine how excited I was to read the news recently that Siriano has designed a line for Spiegel. Yesterday, that line was made available on the website for pre-order, and...


I've actually been pretty happy with the clothes Spiegel has come out with lately- They've come a long way from the days when our moms were getting the mammoth Spiegel catalog in the mail and I was cutting up the models' pictures to use as paper dolls.

But Siriano's new line is a total return to the 1980s Spiegel of my nightmares.

Check out this dress, for example. Hello, 1983. And not in a good way.

The price for this monstrosity? $199.

You have GOT to be kidding me.

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Christian Siriano for Spiegel

Oh. Hell. No.(Skirt, $69. Blouse, $49)


SpiegelNow this dress is actually quite pretty- until you see it's pricetag:  $449. For a Spiegel dress? I don't think so.


SpiegelShapeless. Even on the model. BUT ONLY $99.

SpiegelThis suit is not bad, and it's a not-entirely-out-of-the-question price as well- $169 for the set. But then I read it was made out of polyester. Come on. Couldn't you have at least done this in ponte knit, Chris?

You can see the entire line here (there's not much more to it than what you've seen already).

What do you think of Christian Siriano for Spiegel? Are you buying it?

Images via Spiegel

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