Kardashian Silly Bandz: Proof That This Trend (and Possibly the World) is at an End

Silly BandzThe Kardashian girls seem likeable enough on their reality shows, but they have over-marketed themselves to the point that I feel vaguely nauseated every time I see their name on yet another product.

Particularly when that product is Silly Bandz.

Yes. Silly Bandz.



Silly BandzI don't really know why the decision-makers behind Silly Bandz would think that Kardashian Silly Bandz are a good idea. Conversely, I don't really know why the Kardashians would think that their much-publicized lifestyle of high-stakes shopping, sex, and skin would be a good brand fit for a children's accessory.

All I know is that Kardashian Silly Bandz happened. They're available in a pack of 24 for $5.95. And consequently, the world as we know it may soon be coming to an end. I believe Kardashian Silly Bandz qualify as the first sign. Expect a plague of locusts within the next week or two.

According to Silly Bandz:

From the famous Kardashian sisters comes a brand new Silly Bandz® bracelet pack! The Kardashian Glam pack of Silly Bandz includes a perfume bottle, kiss lips, a high heel shoe, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian, sunglasses, a diamond ring, a purse, as well as the words DASH, Glam, and the letter K! Be sure to wear these Silly bandz and you'll be glamorous wherever you go!

In the annals of Bad Ideas, this is a big one.

What do you think of Kardashian Silly Bandz? Are you placing your order now? Or are you stocking up on gas masks, bottled water, and canned food in the wake of this disturbing news?


Images via Silly Bandz

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