Is Beyonce Betraying Women of Color With Her Newly Blond Hair?

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BeyonceBeyonce never sticks with the same hairstyle for long, but her latest look has tongues wagging around the world.

With her locks dyed a bombshell shade of blond, some critics are accusing her of trying to look white -- and they don't like it one bit.

Writes Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in the Daily Mail:

Every woman of colour has an important social and cultural history that cannot simply be bleached away or denied by the use of hair straighteners. That’s why I passionately believe that Beyonce’s ignorance of how this betrays her heritage is so insidiously damaging to all peoples of colour.

And this is hardly the first time Beyonce's faced criticism for lightening her hair. Read more opinions -- and tell me yours -- after the jump.

The Internet abounds with negative opinions on Beyonce's various flirtations with bleached hair. At some points, she has worn a blond wig; at others, she's made the look permanent. And plenty have had something to say about it. Here are a few samplings:

She is a black girl. What happened to embracing brown or even black hair ? Beyonce has had black and brown weaves before and has looked simply amazing (even the haters would agree) .... Can black girls wear blonde hair or does it look contrived and fake? -- Charcoal Ink

But now I think maybe Black stars should help African-American women release the hold that blond hair has had on us. It's not a natural hair color. It's not really a good look if you're over 30. It's not particularly healthy for your hair. We don't need the woes that blond hair brings. Black women, let's do something different. -- Teshima Walker, NPR

She didn't go blonde; she went Caucasian. African American women are uniquely beautiful. Why do some of them want to become white? I miss the African American women of the 70's who embraced their natural beauty. Oh, and I'm a white girl, by the way. -- a commenter on Stylelist


What do you think of Beyonce's new look? Is it a betrayal or is it harmless fashion fun?


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miche... micheledo

Harmless, but then I am white.  So what do I know??  :)

If she regularly tried to make herself appear white and kept her hair blonde all the time, I might have a different opinion.  As it is, she is constantly changing her hair.  If she can't go blonde without rejecting her race, then maybe I shouldn't go black and straighten my hair becuase it would be a rejection of my heritage.

amile... amileegirl

blonde or red hair is unusual with dark skin but does occur even in coarse african hair types.   Beyonce has had many colors and styles, this is just a link in the chain.  The argument is silly.   Beyonce has mixed heritage anyway.  She has both african and european ancestry.

sofia... sofia0587

Omg it looks good on her, why should she have to keep it a certain way just because she's colored?

Elizabeth Pattison

It is just hair. She looks good with that hair color.

kaylaird kaylaird

It seems kind of racist of the people saying negative things about her styling her hair however she wants. They're saying, "Oh, you're BLACK. You can't do what you want with your hair."

She looks beautiful no matter what she does with her hair. As we all know, we women like to expirament and change things up a lot with our hair. Heck, in one six month period I went from white hair to black hair to red hair. Sure, it fried it solid, but we are women. We ENJOY doing different things. Live and let live! :)

Karen Fisher Cuevas

That's just SILLY! A black girl can't have blonde hair or else she wants to be white?! That's a really stupid assumtion. Any girl can do whatever she wants with her hair. Is straightening your hair when it's curly embracing your natural beauty? Is the use of make-up, acrylic nails, and false lashes embracing our "natural beauty"? No.. Is it still fun & pretty? Heck ya!! Have fun, stop over thinking it.

kaylaird kaylaird

Also, I went to high school with a black girls whose hair was actually naturally blonde. I think she had green eyes too, but I could be wrong about that. Is she any less black because she was born with blonde hair??

pamplus4 pamplus4

She can actually- almost- pull off the blond look. Most black chicks with blond hair or wigs that color just look comical. 

theAm... theAmberShow

Ugh. I hate "black women's hair is a political thing" arguments. HATE! Why is straigthening or relaxing ok, then, but blonde is not?

By making a huge political issue out of hair, they are constricting African American women who cannot express themselves in silly, pretty, or funky ways like other women are "allowed" to. (I'm half-black)

ZsMommy ZsMommy

Beyonce is lighter skinned color wise- she would have passed the "paper bag test"(If you were black or mixed and your skin matched or was lighter than a paper bag ,you were "allowed" into white only establishments.Crazy-but true) So maybe she feels a bit more" caucasian today"...I doubt you'll ever see her rockin afro puffs,but it's possible her "next look" may be a bit more afro-centric...Dependin on her mood...

Women of (any) color can choose to wear whatever they like without having to "represent"...I mean-Rhianna's red??? And "THAT" shade of red  doesn't really occur naturally. But nobody's saying "hey Rhi Rhi-you trying to be a white girl with that hair?" Because red is typically associated with caucasians...


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