Robert Pattinson Is UK Best Dressed Male: His Top 5 Looks


rpattzWho else would it be, really. Daniel Radcliff? As if.

The British edition of GQ named Robert Pattinson the best dressed man in the UK, and I would like to offer a heartfelt "thank you" and "congratulations" to RPattz for showing youngins what it's like to dress like a man.

When I was growing up, the guys we drooled over wore florescent track suits and had frosted-tips. Maybe a mock turtlneck and a blazer, but that was only for the ballad videos. Justin Timberlake and the rest of them in N'Sync looked consistantly hideous. Then there was Jared Leto from My So Called Life, but he wasn't much better. Over-sized flannels, baggy denim and greasy hair does not a dapper man make.

So top hat and tails off to RPattz for looking darn good and setting a great example for the teens out there. In his honor, I present his top five looks, ever.

Here he is at the UK premier of Remember Me in April, 2010. Effortlessly comfortable.















Leaving a London club in 2009, Rpattz shows us how to layer like a man.














At the Twilight New Moon premier in November, 2009. Swoon.














I'm a sucker for a mystery man in sunglasses and a hat. Also sucker for a smile.















I can't. No words.
















Any thoughts on RPattz's lewks?

All photos via Splash News

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Hayde... HaydensMom178

I have to agree with this-not just because I'm a fan, either.  I really dig the way he dresses-he can be comfortable and not look like he just rolled out of bed (his hair might, but not his clothes!).  It's nice for  young boys to see someone like him and know that you don't have to look sloppy to look "cool" or "good." 

nonmember avatar Ash


jalaz77 jalaz77

Sorry to be a debbie downer but what is soooo sexy about this guy?????? He is just a regular looking guy who makes a ton of money and has people dress him. Nope nothing great here.....

Cheryl Reynolds

He looks gorgeous whatever he wears...but where are the pics of him at the Golden Globe awards?...he looks sooooo hot in a tux!!

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