Lady Gaga Dresses as Condom to Save Your Kids


lady gagaGood morning, class! I see you've all done your homework and have come to class dressed up like your favorite form of contraceptive. I see Dana's going as a pink pill -- good for you, Dana! And there's Sarah looking like a sponge -- great use of household items, Sare. Here we have Jenny covered in patches -- clever girl, Jenny. Nice execution. And there's Lady Gaga dressed head to toe like a giant condom. Yay, Gaga! I feel safe and cleaner just looking at you. A plus.

Truth is, Lady Gaga did not come to my make-believe classroom (frown emoticon), but she did go on Good Morning America dressed like a rubber to promote safe sex.

You go, Gaga.

She explained:

I like themes. Today, I wanted to be representative of what we women and people all over the world need to be concerned about ... which is HIV.

The Gaga's goal is to raise $50 million for AIDS, $16 million more than she helped raise in 2010. Her mantra is that HIV is 100 percent preventable, and 0 percent curable.

If it takes dressing up like a jimmy hat to save lives and raise money, someone get me a costume and a rubber glove because I'm in. We should all be in. It wasn't my parents who first talked to me about condoms, it was TLC. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez wore one as an eye patch. It was 1992 and their message was the same as Gaga's today: wrap it up for safe sex.

Most celebrities have charities and causes they believe, but most wouldn't go to this extreme. That's what I think we all love about Lady Gaga. She pushes the limits and the boundaries to get us thinking. Thinking about everything from what it means to be a successful woman (she must be a man!) to what it means to be a star (little monsters!) and what it means to have a voice and a platform -- on stage or not.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's message and/or outfit?

Photo via Splash News

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Capta... CaptainMcMommy

I wouldn't trust that condom...there's a big hole in the middle :-p

AngiDas AngiDas

Anything that gets the message out to people to either don't do it or wrap it up. I think the saying "No glove, no love" needs to come back into fashion.

nonmember avatar Monzie

What the heck is on her head? Is it an homage to "The Flying Nun"? Because that's another way to avoid HIV, I guess....

amazi... amazingaudri

All I could think of with that get-up is that she must get a LOT of yeast infections.


Simpl... Simplicity3

She's a brave but strange girl to go out in public dressed like that.


princ... princesscariboo

does she even know if she is coming or going herelf?

Neelah Neelah

I'm not even seeing how this looks like a condom....except that it looks rubbery and sticky. When I saw the title of the article, I was thinking more big foam costume with a hole cut out for your face type condom.

Cecilia Chacon

Thank you lady gaga. If it wasn't for that outfit I am almost positive I was gonna go clubbing tonight and have all kinds of unprotected sex. I think you saved my life. :p

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