'Ass-Cam' Catches Butt Oglers in the Act (VIDEO)

ass cam

Dude gets busted by the Ass-Cam

Ever wonder who's checking out your butt? Yeah, me neither (well, not for about 15 years anyway); however, two women in New Zealand wondered so much they invented none other than the Ass-Cam to see just who's checking out their backsides. That's right. They installed a tiny camera in the butt of their jeans and then sashayed around town to see who's looking.

Hey, this is some quality research we're talking about. Take a look.


Some women seriously love when they get a double take -- whether it's from an outwardly appreciative dude or a kinda jealous gal. I don't have much experience with being ogled in this way, so I'll just speak about this in what ifs. But I suppose if you were getting ass-ogled all the time, it might be fun to see what's going on back there and to catch the peepers in the act (and you know, stick them on the Internet)!

WATCH the Ass-Cam in action:

Not surprisingly, the video demonstration of this stellar innovation (with a name like Ass-Cam) has gone a little viral, earning more than 900,000 hits since Valentine's Day.

The creative inventors Reanin Johannink and Jess Gurunathan tweeted:

It's def not our intent 2 make men look like a**holes - we love men! We're celebrating your appreciation 4 women everywhere! ;) It's all innocent fun & I'm glad for the most part people get our kiwi humor [sic].

I definitely think it's funny in a "to catch a pervy" kind of way, but it'd be even more fun if every person caught ogling suddenly got popped in the back of the head.  

Who's your favorite butt ogler in the video? Mine's gotta be the Jesus dude.


Image via YouTube

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