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Right.               Wrong.
Spring is approaching and mamas are starting to drop their winter coats in favor of the ubiquitous 'workout gear' look.

Whether or not you're actually going to the gym is unimportant. I have something far more serious to talk to you about -- and I don't want any feathers to get ruffled.

This is one of those hard truths that nobody is gonna tell you but me.

You know those yoga pants you love wearing all over town? Those leggings? Those knit bicycle shorts? Yes, they're black. Yes, from the front, they probably look slimming. But I'm going to tell you something that you need to remember.

Unless you're one of the 2% of women out there with absolutely perfect, toned buttocks ...


This is not a matter of fashion or personal taste.

This is a matter of me and anyone else who's walking behind you seeing every dimple, every lump, and every ripple of your backside.

When you're outside in a pair of black leggings or thin knit workout pants, you might as well be naked as far as your rear end is concerned. And yet I'm pretty sure you have no idea what you're showing the world. In fact, I know you don't, because other than your all-too-visible beedonkadonk, you seem reasonably modest.

That's why I'm telling you about this problem in the nicest way possible.

Covering up your rear is fairly simple. Gap, for example, has some fantastic, loose-fitting long tops that do the job. Plenty of other places have longer tees as well, and if all else fails, just tie a jacket around your waist.

Put a top over it, ladies. Trust me. It's in your best interest, as well as everyone else's.

Have you been noticing this leggings/yoga pant faux pas lately?


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