Wear Snooki Slippers and Feel Instantly Tan

Snooki SlippersIf there's one thing Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is known for besides her love for the word "guidette" and her fake tan, it's her love for slippers. The young entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author has taken her passion to the next level with her new line of Snooki Slippers

Snooki showcased her slippers ($29.99) at the MAGIC clothing industry convention in Las Vegas Tuesday. The line, produced by Happy Feet, currently boasts five designs -- two of which are not available until March 15.

How pumped are you that now you have the opportunity to don some "house shoes" just like the Snook herself?! Now the only question left: Which one will you buy? And where will you wear them? Oh the possibilities ... 


Any interested GTL'er looking to invest in a pair of Snooki Slippers understands that these shoes are definitely NOT just for inside wear. In fact, it's almost rare to see Nicole on-screen without them. Snooki has without a doubt revolutionized the slipper industry, making the fluffy feet fashionable at the bar for an afternoon cocktail, on the beach with a cute pair of jean shorts, and even -- in jail!

Let's think of the most fitting places to put on these pumps, shall we?

leopard snooki slippers

The leopard print Snooki Slipper, perfect for the sex kitten. Would these not look to-die-for with a black tube top and pair of skinny jeans? They just scream, I'm here to have a good time, and I'm not willing to sacrifice my comfort to do so! Ooooh, or how about with a red long-sleeve dress for a fancy dinner? Yes, nothing says sophistication like combining red and animal print, for sure!

pink snooki slipper

Nothing is better for daddy's little girl than a pair of pink and white Snooki Slippers. Perfect for a daddy-daughter lunch or -- even better -- your niece's ballet recital. Look honey, I thought I'd dress the part! 

silver and white snooki slipper

I don't know about you -- but when I see Snooki's silver sequin slippers, I think fab-u-lous. These would be stunning at your next PTA meeting, don't you think? Because, of course, nothing says "I'm in charge" like a good pair of statement-making slippers. 

Are you going to buy a pair of Snooki Slippers anytime soon?

Image via SplashNews

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