Lady Gaga Puts the Spotlight on 'Subdermal Implants' (PHOTOS)

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Lady GagaEvery time I swear to never cover Lady Gaga's antics again, she goes and does something that I just have to write about.

I (barely) resisted writing about Gaga's red carpet arrival at the Grammys in a giant space egg.

But when she made an appearance on The Tonight Show Monday night with horn-shaped growths coming out of her face, well, I simply couldn't resist any longer -- particularly when I realized that she was imitating a body modification trend called subdermal implantation, where people actually implant shapes beneath their skin.

Ew! Ew! Ew!

Of course, I had to look up photos of real subdermal implants ... and let's just say you won't believe what I found.

Click through to see them.


Subdermal implant


Buzz Feed

Now that I've looked at a few dozen photos like these, I think these implants are subdermally imprinted on my brain. For life. I am officially skeeved.

Lady Gaga's spokesperson won't say whether hers are the real thing or not, but come on. There's NO WAY she'd have those things permanently implanted in her face.

What about you? Would YOU get subdermal implants? Did you even know this kind of thing existed?


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robsg... robsgurl_23

That is just gross...especailly that last picture..lmy 4 year old saw the last picture and said eeeewww hes scary looking.

Abby Lynch

I find your tag "horrors" kind of offensive. I don't have subdermal implants, but there is nothing wrong with a person having this done if they chose too. The body modification community is actually becoming pretty large these days, and some of the nicest people I've met were heavily modded. Also, this definitely nothing new. These implants have been around for a while. The only reason they are getting noticed now is because Lady Gaga is pretending to have had it done.

Buffi Helton Messer

No, Lindsey, I'm pretty sure "horrors" is an appropriate tag. I don't care how many people are doing it. Having something surgically implanted beneath your skin simply for a fashion statement is horrifying. And ridiculous, and dangerous, and.....well, I'm just a big fuddy-duddy, I suppose. But Hell-to-the-no. It's just wrong. So very, very wrong.

Buffi Helton Messer

Also, I spelled your name wrong. Which makes me suck. Sorry, hon!

sstepph sstepph


nonmember avatar Gina

How can you live with yourself having called anything another person chooses to do "horrors?" Those people could be NICE! This is America, Lindsay! If a person chooses to shave her head and surgically implant dried pasta hair-art in her scalp, the only acceptable response is peace, love and silence. Because that person is probably NICE! Nice, Lindsay! Pasta hair-art is a choice we are granted in our freedom of whatever the hell we feel like society. Please use the term righteous-choice-making instead of horrors.

Trish Kiesau Wise

I personally find these disturbing but to play devil's advocate: how is this so different from breast implants? There are some who think breast implants are horrible and let's face it, you get to the ginormous sizes that some women want and yes, they are horrible. If breast implants are so acceptable in mainstream now (as opposed to years ago when it was taboo) why would these be any different? Just my humble opinion. 

reniecpa reniecpa

Those pictures turned my stomach.

nonmember avatar Ash

I once saw a video of a man slice into his penis with a razor blade, insert stainless steel balls, and stitch himself back up. It was a video about body modification playing in the waiting room of the tattoo shop where my BIL was getting ink about four years ago, and some of the things I saw on that video still can't be unseen. Forked penises, for example.

nonmember avatar Sandy

My question is what kind of doctor would agree to do something like this?

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