Blake Lively Not the Only Star Who Should Have a Louboutin

Shoe-loving besties Lively and Louboutin

You know you've made it when Christian Louboutin names a shoe after you. And the most recent starlet to get that honor is Blake Lively. This is something that would easily happen to her Gossip Girl alter ego, socialite Serena van der Woodsen, who even name-dropped Louboutin's Bianca shoe in the most recent episode.

But what about Blair? Surely, the portrayer of Serena's partner-in-crime, Leighton Meester, deserves her own shoe. I'm picturing velvet Mary Jane, or something plaid. A heeled bootie perhaps?

Lively and Meester are red carpet rock stars, and while they deserve kudos, I could think of a few less obvious Louboutin-loving stars who should have a stiletto to call their own. My Fantasy Footwear League, if you will. And they are:


Emily Blunt. The super-classy Adjustment Bureau star would have something simple, demure, and feminine designed in her honor, preferably in a blush or nude tone.

Zooey Deschanel. My personal style icon. To go with her whole vintage sex kitten thing, hers would be a kitten heel in a wild '60s-style Pucci print.

Michelle Williams. When I think of Michelle and her pixie haircut, I picture '60s actress Jean Seberg in Breathless or former socialite/model Edie Sedgwick (who Williams actually played in I'm Not There). A black-and-white striped flat, for sure.

Sophia Bush. This petite, alabaster-skinned beauty is as chic as her fashion-designing character Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill. I imagine a shimmery black and gold brocade platform pump to pair with one of her many sweetheart-neck minidresses.

Rashida Jones. Who else would look as good in a T-shirt and a brocade skirt? I'd pick a satin, jewel-toned sandal for her slightly off-kilter, laid-back style.

What celebs get your vote for their own Louboutin?


Photo via Stephen Lovekin/Getty

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