'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit 2011 Issue Scrapes the Barrel

The Sports Illustrated 2011 Swimsuit Issue will feature the usual host of buxom models with trim waists and sexy hair, but this year there is an added "bonus": Bachelor Brad Womack and three of his lovely ladies. The ladies included are Chantal O., Ashley, and Michelle.

Seriously Sports Illustrated? How desperate are you?

The cover model is 25-year-old Irina Shayk, the first Russian model to grace the cover, but inside, the ladies of The Bachelor will strut their stuff, and last night we saw the shoot. And let's just say that if the photos come out hot, it won't be because the shoot was.


The shoot was awkward to say the least. Between the two girls being creepily coaxed into taking their tops off by a photographer right out of central casting -- "you know what would be really hot?" Ew -- and Michelle convincing Brad to roll around half nude with her while the other girls looked on sadly, it was not in the least bit sexy.

Plus, the girls, while certainly cute and pretty, aren't exactly sex bombs (well, Michelle kind of is, I guess), so that was awkward, too. Personally, I would feel a little awkward posing next to perfect models, but hey, ABC didn't exactly give the ladies a choice. They did the best they could.

But what was Sports Illustrated thinking? Are they really so desperate for publicity that they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for just anyone to model for them? Twelve-year-old boys everywhere will be so disappointed. After all, who really wants to see Brad Womack and his harem of women?

What did you think of The Bachelor photo shoot?


Photo via Bjorn Iooss/Sports Illustrated

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