Hairless Justin Bieber Joins Bald Beauties Hall of Fame (PHOTOS)


Ijustin bieber was a little disappointed to hear that Justin Bieber didn't actually shave his head on Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night. For a hot second there I thought Bieber was on an amazing downward spiral of self-destruction that I was going to enjoy reading about for months, but alas, it was just a hoax. He's not bald, and his hair is still causing strokes and heart attacks among girls aged 10 to 13.

Had Bieber actually wanted to shave off his money-making locks, he would've joined an elite group of women in Hollywood who've shaved their head in the name of art, or insanity.

How would a bald Bieber measure up? Let's take a look.

Mena Suvari shaved her head for the film adaptation of the Garden of Eden. I had no idea they made this movie, and now I must see it. The book, and I can only imagine the movie as well, is a sexy exploration of male-female relationships.

mena suvari













Demi Moore took the razor to her head for G.I. Jane.

demi moore









Cate Blanchett (love!) got buzzed for her role in Heaven, a 2002 English/Italian film set in Turin, Italy.

cate blanchett











For her role in Alien, Sigourney Weaver wasn't shy about cutting off all her hair.









Who could forget flawless Natalie Portman, who shaved her head for her bad-ass role in V for Vendetta?

natalie portman











And then there's a whole other reason to shave your head -- the mental breakdown. Britney Spears showed us how it's done in February, 2007.

britney spears










Don't you think Bieber fits right in with these ladies?










Photos via YouTube, Somewhere in Toronto/Flickr, Andy Mihail/Flickr, secret1982/Flickr, rayg_gararge_sale/Flickr, baldRUs/Flickr, Garchem/Flickr, YouTube



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Justin Ethridge

He definitely fits in with Britney Spears.

HypoH... HypoHeartBaby

Lol he really shouldnt even play 1 obviously thats a skin cap and 2 hes an idiot!

nonmember avatar Sam

Haha ya... This author is so funny. Not. Go cry. Being mean to a 16 year old for having fun? You are prob a fat 68 year old woman crying over the teenage years you wishes you had. But you didn't so you take it out on jbiebz who got his dream life. That's something worth smiling for not hating.

nonmember avatar Jo

I feel sorry for you picking on a 16 year old boy. You are a mature person and should have the decency and self-control of holding back from making senseless statements. Tongues can build people up or tear people down and you chose the later. Do not judge or you will be judged. With the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.

hanna... hannah123456

I think justin bieber shouldn't even joke. I can't tell from what i've seen so far if he really shaved his head or not, but I think it's stupid even if he's faking it.

Devil... DevilInPigtails

LOL.  He is to much of a child to shave his head for any reason then just wanting to rebel.  

Heather Johnson

he looks like megamind with his head shaved...definately not a good look

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