JWoww & Fashion Week Do Not Mix

If JWoww is the next Pamela Anderson, then God help us all. It isn't that I don't like the tanned guidette, but come on now, aren't her 15 minutes up yet?

Following in the illustrious footsteps of another buxom, fake-booby shaking celebrity, JWoww closed the Richie Rich fashion show last week during New York's fashion week in a super sheer black "gown" that left almost nothing to the imagination. Last year, Anderson closed the same show in a silver jumpsuit that was almost demure by comparison (hey! It covered her nipples!). We can only infer from this that in the mind of Richie Rich's designers, JWoww is on par with the Baywatch babe. 

Is anyone else disturbed by this?


JWoww is hilarious on Jersey Shore and she is a good friend to Snooki and generally fun to watch, but her fashion sense is somewhere between mildly slutty and full-on trashy. The other day she emerged from the bedroom wearing ass-less chaps and a riding crop in order to entice her boyfriend.

She is less a fashion icon and more a fashion train wreck. And yes, she is having her moment and, yes, here I am giving her press, so Richie Rich was strategic to use her. But really. How can we possibly take fashion week seriously when they highlight JWoww's boobs as high fashion?

That said, if Richie Rich is about stripper chic, then they couldn't have found a better spokesperson than JWoww. But to say that she is on par with Pam Anderson is just insulting. One is a sex symbol for the ages and the other is a glorified stripper. 

Although, with a wrap and a black slip, this dress could be hot ...

What do you think of this?


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