The Fanny Pack Is Back! Will You Wear One?

Fanny PackWatching the Prada spring runway show, I witnessed yet again what's perhaps the worst trend to return to stores this year ...

The fanny pack.

Yes, ladies.

It's baaa-aaack.

And designers have taken it on with such a vengeance that even the Wall Street Journal is covering its return.

According to the WSJ, designers are trying to bring back the look by calling it something else, from 'belt bag' to 'bum bag' to 'waist bag' to 'apron bag' to 'belted satchel.'


A fanny pack is a fanny pack, no matter what you call it.

Take a look at the latest high-priced versions of the trend after the jump -- and then tell me ...

Would you wear a designer fanny pack?


The fanny pack pictured above (renamed a "Jammy Pack") is actually somewhat reasonably priced. Revolve Clothing is offering it this season in several different colors for $65. But you can pay a LOT more for the look.

PradaNeiman Marcus has marked down this $445 Prada Fanny Pack to just $200 ...

FarfetchOr you can opt for this vintage Chanel Quilted Fanny Pack for just $1,350.


Kate SpadeKate Spade is calling it a "waist bag," and Bloomingdale's is selling this one for $225.


AdidasOr you can buy this "Bum Bag" by Stella McCartney for Adidas for just $90.


DVFDVF is selling this leather "Belt Bag" for $450 ...


HermesBut this $4,675 Hermes "Kelly Bandeau Bag," which won't be out until later this spring, may very well take the cake in the luxury fanny pack department!

Will you wear a fanny pack this spring?


Images (top to bottom): Revolve Clothing, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale'sFarfetch, Zappos, DVF, Pascal le Segretain/Getty Images

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