H&M Shop Online in USA -- Finally!

H&M logoIt's official. Soon you will be able to shop H&M -- online, as in from the Internet, right from your very own home or wherever you like to do your shopping! Hallelujah! Better late than never, huh?

Yeah, we're completely flabbergasted that it's taken this long for the Sweden-based clothing store to get their trendy, super-affordable wares on the Internet as well. I mean, just think of all the money they could have made already off my impulsive late-night online shopping binges alone. So ... much ... money ...

In any case, don't start warming up your shopping fingers just yet. We still have a little bit of a wait ahead ... if you can believe it ...


Via Stylelist, H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson said:

We are expanding our online and catalogue sales. At the start of 2011, we are launching the new H&M Shop Online in the markets where we offer online and catalogue sales already. Around year-end we plan to start online sales in USA, the world's largest online market.

Year-end? WTH? Does H&M know we don't give awards out to the last shop to make it onto the Internet? By the time they actually get online, we'll probably be totally over the Internet and into shopping on the moon ... via satellite ... telepathically ...

H&M, will you hurry up already?

Are you ready for H&M to put their store online already?


Image via H&M

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