Lindsay Lohan White Dress Sold Out, Saves Economy

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan and her white dress have done a lot of good for our fair country in the last 24 hours. LiLo has single-handedly ended our recession and proved our nation's weight problem isn't as bad as we thought.

That tight white dress she wore to court yesterday, the "Glavis Dress" in Albino by designer Kimberly Ovitz, has sold out online

Apparently there are throngs of women who, on a whim, can afford a new dress -- and women who evidently have the figures to look good wearing it. I mean, this frock is no sack -- it's tighter than Dina Lohan's forehead after a visit to a Long Island medi-spa.

Not only is the now-famous dress form hugging, it's expensive. Let me ask you this. Would you like to feed your family of four for a month, or buy Lindsay's dress?


Ovitz's design retails for $575. In my world, that's pricey. That's something I would really have to think about, agonize over, and save for. Not to mention I would need a great place to wear it. I think I would look a little silly wearing that dress on a Tuesday in my cube.

But apparently there are ladies out there who can just watch Court TV and click to buy the clothes of the perp. I am so jealous. No word yet on whether her shoes or sunglasses are selling like hot cakes, as well.

There are rumors that Lohan was paid to wear the dress to promote the designer. Well, it's not like she doesn't need the money -- bail is expensive! I wouldn't put it past her. In fact, I would congratulate her for squeezing a penny out of her celebrity. I haven't seen her in any movies recently, or releasing any albums (she's a singer, too, remember?). But if she borrowed the dress and wasn't paid for her endorsement, let's just hope she returns it.

Would you pay $575 to look like Lindsay Lohan?

Photo via Toby Canham/Getty

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