'Teen Mom' Maci Gets Implants & Makes Me Sad

Another day, another crazy story about the teen moms from MTV's Teen Mom. This time it's Maci Bookout, by far the most stable and sane of the teen moms, who is in the news. Yes, the uber-thin and lovely reality star has just bought herself a new pair of boobs.

She is the second teen mom to do so, after Farrah Abraham reportedly did last year. Life & Style is reporting that the teen used part of the $140,000 paycheck she got from the successful Teen Mom stint to enhance her (admittedly) small bust:

"Maci did have breast-enlargement surgery," a friend of Maci’s confirms .... The reality star, who appears to have gone from an A-cup to a C-cup, is determined to stay noticed these days. Not only is she publicly rallying around her troubled co-star and friend Amber Portwood, she has also hired a Hollywood agent and plans to write a book.


Please don't become the latest teen mom to, you know, kind of suck at life, Maci. Sadly, it doesn't look good. 

She's hanging out with the Jersey Shore kids, doing bikini shoots, enhancing her boobs, and becoming besties with the hot mess that is Amber Portwood. I think it's safe to say that MTV, not her pregnancy, is ruining her life.

If you watch the show, she is by far the most driven, responsible, and loving of the mothers featured. She seemed to have her head on pretty straight until MTV got ahold of her. Why does a 20-year-old mom need big, fake boobs? Are they to attract a man? And what kind of man is attracted to a giant fake rack? Is that really the kind of man that would make the most loving husband and stepdad?

Plastic surgery isn't the answer and I would bet $1,000 that Maci wouldn't be getting plastic surgery if she had kept her life private and never starred on the show. Obviously, she wouldn't have had the money, but it's more than that, too. The world she now lives in made implants seem necessary and that is super depressing.

She was gorgeous without fake boobs. I wonder what the next story about her will be be. My guess is it won't be good.

Do you think implants were a mistake?


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