What Happened to Nicole Kidman's Fashion Sense Lately?

Nicole Kidman recently revealed that her 2-year-old daughter, Sunday Rose, has a say in what Mommy wears on the red carpet. Could this explain the stiff leather suit she wore to the premiere of Just Go With It?

Kidman, who has a secret role in the lamely titled Jennifer Aniston/Adam Sandler rom com, donned a demure below-the-knee L'Wren Scott leather skirt and matching jacket with a Victorian-style high-necked blouse. Eek! Leather, high neck, and below-the-knee are three phrases that do not go together.


While the Oscar nominee is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood, and I love the sassy red hair she's been sporting lately, I feel like her red carpet pics are less lively than her Madame Tussauds wax figure. Only Kidman could make leather look like it's meant for the boardroom.

Here's what she told US Weekly:

Sunday Rose has pretty strong opinions. She chooses what she calls "pretty dresses," so she has a very strong voice in terms of what I will be wearing on the night of the Oscars. Fingers crossed, guys -- I could be wearing a tutu!

No, really. If she lets a 2-year-old pick her Oscar outfit, the chances of her wearing a tutu are very good. Or worse, a tutu dress. Consider yourselves warned.

What do you think of Kidman's Just Go With It ensemble?


Photo via Stephen Lovekin/Getty

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