How to Get Kate Middleton's Engagement Dress for Yourself -- Maybe.

Kate MiddletonI don't know about you, but I just love Kate Middleton.

She's so pretty, but in an accessible way.

She has a great sense of style, going conservative when the occasion calls for it, but also having fun with fashion when she can.

If Kate and I knew each other, we would totally shop together.

Okay, now I'm sounding stalkery.

The point of this post is that now you can be a tiny bit stalkery, too, by buying the very same dress Kate wore for her Royal Engagement Portrait!


Want to learn more and see how much this lovely dress cost? Keep reading!





The dress in question is known as The Nannette, and it's made by Reiss. After Kate wore it, it flew off the racks in the UK, but Reiss recently decided to reissue it here in the states ...

And it flew off the racks again!

The Nannette is still listed on Reiss's website and I'm betting the retailer will restock it. When there's so much money to be made, why not?

But I'll admit, I wouldn't have looked twice at this dress if I'd seen it on the rack ... and I would have laughed at its $310 price-tag.

What about you?

Images via /Getty Images, Reiss

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