New 'Ex-Girlfriend Jeans' Might Get Him Dumped

tight jeansIn what can only be described as a complete joke, Levi's has unveiled the "Ex-Girlfriend Jean" for men.

We've heard of the boyfriend jean for women -- low slung, slightly worn, and baggier denim perfect for a Sunday afternoon run to the mall. But the ex-girlfriend jean for men? What is that perfect for? Raves, Halloween, and trips back to the '70s come to mind, but nothing else. 

The Ex jeans are super tight all over with just a bit of stretch to allow for ... male body parts. They basically look like jeggings. Levi's wants men to wear jeggings.

What's the over/under on how many pairs will sell? Photos after the jump.


But first, a question: why are they called the 'Ex-Girlfriend Jean'? Did the happy couple break up because the dude was wearing her clothes? And didn't give them back?

I for one am not on board with this trend. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer a little more modesty in a man's pants. A little more mystery. A little more ... manliness. Would Don Draper wear these pants? No, no he wouldn't.

Pete Wentz is really the only guy I can see getting psyched about Levi's new product. And CONVENIENT that he and Ashlee are getting a divorce! He can call them his ex-wife jeans.

What is more surprising than the jeans themselves is the fact that nearly 2,500 people have 'Liked' the pair on Facebook. How many of those people are joking? Seriously! Speak up. You can't all 'like' Ex-Girlfriend jeans for real. Not possible.

Here are the photos from

Front view:

ex girlfriend jeans

Rear view:

ex girlfriend jeans

What do you think of the Ex-Girlfriend Jean?

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