Flare Leg Jeans: A Spring Must-Have

NordstromOne item you'll definitely want to add to your wardrobe this spring is a pair of wide-leg jeans -- and the hottest version going right now is the flare.

This simple switch from skinny jeans will have you looking totally on-trend.

And to be honest, on most of us, flares and wide-leg jeans are way more flattering than skinny jeans, particularly in warmer weather when boots are an impossibility.


Nordstrom is featuring this fabulous $205 pair of MOTHER flare leg jeans in its February catalog, but if you don't have $200 to drop on jeans right now, never fear!

I've got some far more affordable flare leg options for you after the jump!







GapYour best bet for the money would likely be these Gap flare leg jeans (Gap, $69.50), which come in a few different washes. Gap is always having sales, so keep these in mind, and when you see a good sale, snap them up!


MadewellYou know I'm coveting these Vintage Rocker Jeans (Madewell, $110), which are more expensive, but still in a doable range.

Calvin KleinThese Straight Flare Jeans (Calvin Klein, $49.50) are a great way to rock the look on a budget.


PiperlimeLike wearing heels with your jeans? These Sold High Heeled Flares (Piperlime, $118) are the way to go.


Victoria's SecretVictoria's Secret gives the trend a sexy spin with these Blue London Belle Flares (Victoria's Secret, $69.50). Although the model's leg looks weirdly hyperextended to me ...


J BrandAnd finally, my pick for those lucky few of you who aren't on a budget are these J. Brand Kiki High-Rise Flare Jeans (Saks Fifth Avenue, $203).

What do you think about the new flare jeans?

Images (top to bottom): Nordstrom, Gap, Madewell, Calvin Klein, Piperlime, Victoria's Secret, Saks Fifth Avenue

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Veron... VeronicaTex

These remind me of the bell bottom jeans of the 60s and 70....I believe I'll stick with my straight leg jeans, thank you very much...I also believe it is ludicrous to spend so much on a pair of jeans....Much better to get fabric that looks like those (and it is out there)  and sew them.....a whole lot cheaper...


Thank you!!!! Skinny jeans do me dirty- the flare is much more flattering for me-- I have some great Gap ones I'll be thrilled to wear!!

RanaA... RanaAurora

I do flare and boot cut. ALways have. Skinny does NOT look good one anyone with any extra weight, especially around the middle.

heath... heatherann0221

I think flare leg jeans look funny on people with long legs...aka me. So I usually go for boot cut instead since it has a slight flare to it.

DebaLa DebaLa

Yeah, boot and slight flare cuts much more flattering here too... the extremes of the skinny or the bell bottom on me over-emphasizes the waist-to-hip curve action.

Angie... AngieDawn28

Don't like the super flare jeans. I have always preferred a boot cut jean.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

I tried to choose a range of flare sizes- The Madewells have only a slight flare and definitely are my personal favorites- but I have to admit, I like them all!

And no, I won't be sewing my own jeans any time soon!  LOL

jeann... jeannesager

Thank you to the fashion gods for returning this style to those of us with big hips. The skinny jean trend did nothing but accentuate our hineys and hips. We need a balance, people!

Addys... Addys_Mom

I have always loved flare jeans. I buy mine at rue21 cause they are cheap! lol. and i work right next door to one... its my weakness.


Last fall, I bought two pairs of skinny jeans from Old Navy, for which I spent a grand total of $40 (for both pairs). I'm glad now that I didn't shell out for more expensive ones. They were great this year to pair with a longer sweater and jeans, but I'm thinking that it will be easier to wear spring tops and flats or sandals with a more, er, forgiving style of jean.

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