5 Reasons Why Katy Perry Should Expose Her Cleavage


Katy Perry launched her perfume Purr in Mexico over the weekend but managed to draw more attention for her eye-popping dress. This wouldn't be the first time the singer's boobs have created a stir. Can we please get over them already?

Mrs. Russell Brand showed up to the launch in a purple silk dress that redefines the term "plunging neckline" -- a stretchy band of nude fabric was all that was holding her girls in place. You may ask why Perry insists on baring her cleavage again and again, and the answer is simple: Because she can!

Some may find it tacky or offensive, but to those I say: Don't ask her to be on your children's show! Here are five reasons why I think it's perfectly fine for the pop singer to show off the girls:


1. To quote the famous Teri Hatcher Seinfeld episode, "They're real and they're spectacular!" Katy has had to confirm in multiple interviews that her D-cups are all natural. Can we stop speculating now? Poor gal. Some of us are just well-endowed, and y'all are just jealous.

2. She is a pop star who has been known to push the envelope and is not shy about her body, which she works hard to maintain and should show off. I admire her confidence.

3. She has said she won't pose for Playboy. I think it makes Katy even sexier that she'll tease her assets but not give oglers the satisfaction of the full deal.

4. She doesn't take herself seriously. As demonstrated by her appearance on SNL in the wake of her Sesame Street controversy and her always entertaining Twitter posts, she has a kick-ass sense of humor. She also showed her knack for comedy on last night's How I Met Your Mother. Funny girls are sexy. If she starts going after Angelina Jolie's dramatic roles, then I might be singing another tune.

5. Boobs are in! She's in good company with Christina Hendricks, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, and Sofia Vergara, who gets extra points for being funny.

So what does Purr smell like? I haven't run out to sample it, but the scent sounds pretty crowded: hints of peach nectar, "forbidden" apple, jasmine blossom, Bulgarian rose, vanilla orchid, creamy sandalwood, and musk. Hmmm ... maybe she should just stick to pop music and boob-flashing.

Are you tired of hearing about Katy Perry's boobs?


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