Eyepatches Are In: Would You Wear One in the Name of Fashion?

Vanessa ParadisI've been seeing them in fashion editorials and on celebs more and more lately, but when I saw the cover of the latest i-D Magazine, I knew this latest weird trend could soon be going into overdrive:


You're looking at Vanessa Paradis (Chanel model and wife of Johnny Depp) in a black rose-embellished eyepatch- and she's not the only celeb sporting the one-eyed look.

Click through to see more stars in eyepatches, find out where to get your own, and tell me if you're planning on rocking this look... after the jump!







Rihanna has been spotted in an eyepatch in her music videos, where she tends to be the most fashion forward. Leona Lewis wore an eyepatch-like mask to Perez Hilton's birthday party, Madonna sported one for Interview Magazine, and Heidi Klum wore one on Project Runway.

Want to get an eyepatch for yourself? There's one place to go...

Etsy, of course!

EtsyWhether you're channeling Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter...


EtsyOr you're going for something more... plaid...


EtsyThere's an eyepatch for everybody!


EtsyIncluding evil vaudeville nurses.


EtsyYes, you too can have a gem-encrusted babydoll hand jutting out of the spot where your eye should be. But act now! I have a feeling this particular eyepatch will be snatched right up!


EtsyWe all know there are days when nothing will do but an eyepatch. Preferably one with a fake eyeball sewn into it.

So tell me... are you rushing to buy one of your own? OF COURSE YOU ARE.


Images via i-D Magazine, Splash News, and Etsy

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