Meet Edurne

Rebel AttitudeEdurne writes the style blog Rebel Attitude and now that I've found it, I'm completely hooked.

Even though Edurne lives in Spain, looks like a supermodel, and wears glamorous designer gear, I LOVE looking at photos of what she's wearing- because Edurne's style is totally accessible to the average woman.

Check out this outfit, for example. Plenty of us have a black vest, white tee, boyfriend jeans, a blazer and red heels, but who would have thought to put them all together and create this kind of magnificence?

Edurne. That's who.

Edurne's photos give me all kinds of ideas on what I could do with my own wardrobe. And on most days, I REALLY NEED SOME IDEAS. I just don't have time to come up with them on my own. So thank you, Edurne!

She has given me permission to show you some of my favorite looks from her blog. Click through to see them- and be sure to bookmark Edurne's blog. She's DEFINITELY still got it- and I suspect she always will...


Rebel AttitudeI'm betting that you, like me, have most of this outfit in your closet. But somehow, I never thought to put it all together like this...

Rebel AttitudeAnd now I'm dying to find myself a pair of cozy legwarmers...


Rebel AttitudeNote how it's all about the accessories... and one standout piece, like these red shorts. LOVE.


Rebel AttitudePlaid shirt, check. Skinny jeans, check. White tee shirt, check. Cool sneakers, check. Luxe handbag, check. Cute doggie? Working on it!


Rebel AttitudeMost of us have a pencil skirt and a nice black leather jacket or blazer. But the opaque tights and contrasting platform heels really take this look to eleven.

Rebel AttitudeThe main thing that Edurne's photos have convinced me of? I NEED MORE SCARVES, STAT.


What do you think of Edurne's street style?


Images via Rebel Attitude


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