Valentine's Day Gift Ideas -- For Him and for YOU!

Valentine's Day GiftValentine's Day is next Monday and that means you need to get on that V-Day shopping, like, NOW!

You also need to make sure that your man has a few ideas in mind when it comes to what to buy for you.

Otherwise you might end up with the dreaded TEDDY BEAR IN A GIFT BALLOON OMG.

And so without further adieu, here are a few of my favorite Valentine's Day gift ideas --

For him and for you ...


 romantic present can be something obvious, like an overnight stay at a chic hotel or dinner at a cozy restaurant, but what's also romantic is when your partner buys you something really cool that you'd love to own, but would never buy for yourself. I can't begin to know the options for romance in your town, but I do know of some really useful presents that either you or your husband would probably really enjoy having. So with that in mind, here are a few ideas ...


BrookstoneI showed you this wireless weather alarm clock from Brookstone at Christmas -- and I asked for it myself. Now that I'm the owner of it, I think EVERYONE should have one. It's battery-operated and gives you the weather forecast, highs, and lows for the next three days, wherever you happen to be in the US. It will pick up a wireless signal from wherever you are automatically and update every 15 minutes from You can set it to give you readings on up to three cities, or if you're traveling, you can take it with you and look up the city on the clock when you get there. In short, it's GENIUS. The only drawback is that the screen doesn't light up, so I don't think it's the best permanent alarm clock; however, I keep mine in my bathroom and consult it all the time. I LOVE IT. And it's on sale right now for $39.95!


Victoria's SecretVictoria's SecretVictoria's SecretVictoria's SecretThis year, I made a deal with my husband -- I would take him out for a fancy Valentine's Day dinner if he would let me choose lingerie for myself as my present. Fortunately, he agreed, and so both our V-Day presents will make both of us happy!

If you can convince your man to gift you with a Victoria's Secret gift card, you can choose lingerie that looks good and makes you feel sexy, which will hopefully result in many more romantic nights together than that pleather corset with a thousand hooks that he had his eye on for you!


BrookstoneHere's another gift option that you all loved for Christmas -- and it's a very relevant option for V-Day as well: the ultimate wine opener from Brookstone. I own it and I LOVE it. Opening a bottle of wine is a breeze with this thing. At $39.95, it's at a perfect price point, and you can pair it with a nice bottle of wine for a romantic/useful gift!



KindleMy favorite toy right now is my new Kindle, Amazon's uber-popular wireless reader.

Available for $139, this would make a great present for you or for him. Set-up takes less than five minutes, wireless hook-up is effortless, I can download new books in under 30 seconds, shop for books with full access to sample pages and reviews, AND most books cost around $6 or $7 for a download. That's a much better price than the $28 you'd pay for a brand new hardback! Kindles are ideal for those of us who need something that will fit on the elliptical's magazine rack at the gym (ahem), who travel, who have a limited amount of space for books, or who spend a lot of time shuttling our kids around and waiting, waiting, waiting for them. Can you tell? I FREAKING LOVE MY NEW KINDLE.

AmazonAlready have a Kindle? Gift yourself (or your mom or friend) with a designer Kindle cover. This $89 Kate Spade patent leather cover is currently on my Kindle and, well, you know how I love Kate Spade. There are lots of other Kindle covers to choose from on Amazon, for men and women, that will meet any style and budget.



TassimoWhy not pool your funds and get a Tassimo Single-Serve Coffee Brewer for $129.99? I can tell you from personal experience, IT IS SO WORTH IT. I received one to test-drive, and even though we make a pot of coffee for the family every morning, I use my Tassimo every single day, whether I'm making hot chocolate for the kids or a Latte for myself.

You buy individual discs to make your coffee, and you can make everything from a Chai Tea Latte to Gevalia coffee to Suchard Hot Chocolate to a Starbucks Latte. And I have to tell you that the Tassimo Starbucks Latte is better than the real thing. I'm not even kidding. EVERYONE who's tried my Tassimo Starbucks Latte agrees with me! This is a great present that both of you will LOVE.

So now that I've given you a few of my Valentine's Day gift ideas, what are yours?


Images (top to bottom) resee1225/Flickr, Brookstone, Victoria's Secret, Amazon, Amazon, Amazon

Disclosure: I own all of these gift ideas, which is how I know for sure that you'll love them! My parents gave me the wine opener, my husband gave me the clock, Amazon sent me its new Kindle and cover to review, and Tassimo sent me the coffeemaker. I LOVE MY JOB.

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