The Kennedys Will Air! For Reelz!

The KennedysMany of you were as upset as I was when the History Channel announced it was dropping plans to air the much-publicized miniseries The Kennedys, starring Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes.

I didn't give a hoot about the content of the movie, personally.

I just wanted to see Katie in those fabulous Jackie O outfits!

Well worry no more.

The Kennedys will indeed air here in the US.

Wondering where you can find it and see a new trailer just released for the series?

Read on!




The Kennedys will air April 3rd on....


Reelz? You ask. What the heck is Reelz?

Well, frankly I have no idea. But I checked and I DO have it on my cable lineup, so...


The series will have eight parts and is said to have cost $30 million dollars to make.

Want to see the new trailer from Reelz? Here you go...

So, ladies... Will you be watching The Kennedys?

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