Pubic Hair Wars: Should Men Be Shaving It Off, Too?

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I knew that my post on the trend for teens to go "bare floor" would probably generate some discussion, but I had NO IDEA that it would be my most controversial post here to date!

Most commenters have been civil, but some have gotten very upset over the issue of whether to shave or not to shave.

People. IT'S PUBIC HAIR. If the topic is sending you into an uncontrollable rage, perhaps you should let your fingers do the walking to the word 'psychiatrist' in the Yellow Pages ...


One other thing that got my attention in the comments was the number of men who say that plenty of dudes are going bare floor now, too.

What do you think of this idea? Is your husband or significant other doing it?

Do you want him to?


I don't believe that the idea of men keeping the area groomed is anything new. In fact, I'm hoping that most guys are smart enough to do it.

But more and more men, particularly those in their 20s, are taking it all off.

"Almost all my straight male friends, and most of the gay ones, shave too, and have for many years (I'm 48). Hair down there is just inconvenient and unsanitary," wrote Drew.

"I'm 44. My ambulance partner (the son of a former schoolmate) is 22 years old ... and TMI'ed me to say HE WAS SHAVED, TOO! We now call him 'Smooth Operator' and the entire company now knows. Everyone older than 30 is aghast to find this out about the young'uns," reported dad.medic.

"As a guy, I gotta say that I expect (and so does every guy I know) for a girl to have little to no hair, but the flip side is girls expect the similar from us now," wrote Chris.

My own aesthetician here in town does a booming "manscaping" business, so the trend is definitely catching on, even here in the Bible Belt -- but to me, the idea of a man being completely hairless is totally unappealing.

What do you think?


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