Wear Red Day 2011 -- How Not to Look Like a Tomato

red dressToday is National Wear Red Day in honor of women's heart health. Our tickers are in danger and February 4 is dedicated to raising awareness for heart disease, the number one killer of women 20 years and older. The facts are alarming and the American Heart Association wants to educate, inform, and raise funding for research.

You can do your part by wearing red today. A scarf, some pumps, a shade of lipstick, it all works. Don't have anything red in your closet? Macy's is currently offering a special 20% off discount to women shoppers wearing red; the promotion ends Sunday, February 6. So borrow something red from your neighbor and hit the mall.

Red is the color of bravery, power, and daring -- so don't be shy! Put on that red dress and strut your stuff for women's heart health. But if you're a little scared of the bright color, here are some tips for wearing red.

  • If you've got light skin and light eyes, stick to reds with cooler, blue undertones. Light reds and pinks are best for you. Stay away from orange.
  • Are you a brunette with medium skin and blue, green, or light brown eyes? You can pull off the fire-engine red if you wanted to. Clear, bright reds will warm your skin and draw attention to the contrast between your hair and your eyes.
  • Dark brown or black hair ladies with dark eyes, look for dark, deep reds. You'll want to avoid orange, too.
  • Any gingers out there? Avoid all reds with blue undertones; this will wash you out. Instead opt for orangey reds that are either bright or soft.
  • Wearing red makes a statement, so be ready to have all eyes on you!
  • Pair red with neutral if you want to be noticed, but not dominant. Pair red with black if you want to look like my mom on her way to work in 1984.
  • Red accents -- lips, shoes, sunglasses, scarves -- are chic and always in style.

The best thing you can probably do today is wear red gym clothes and take a walk. Keep chic, and keep healthy!

How do you like to wear red?

Photo via CastawayVintage/Flickr

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