Testing 'The Shirt': Did It Keep the Bra Hidden? (PHOTOS)

A button-down shirt for the well-endowed lady once seemed like a pipe dream. Last week, we wrote about "The Shirt" and promised to try it and report back. Well, I've tried it and, ladies, it's a true miracle.

I've never been able to wear a regular button-down shirt with a regular bra. I have a select few that I can wear given I wear a minimizer bra and reinforce with safety pins, but I've always basically thought button-downs were for other women.

Not anymore! The Shirt really works. I was lucky enough to receive a sample and I all but did cartwheels in the thing wearing my most padded 34D bra. It didn't gap once. OK, so there was still a little tell-tale pulling, but my bra was completely covered and I felt confident in a button-down for the first time since I grew boobs.


This may not seem like a miracle to everyone, but trust me when I tell you that honestly, I shed a little tear. It won't end world hunger or cause peace, but it has solved one of my vexing life problems. Permanently. Who knew it was so easy?

Here is me in a button-down before:

And after:

The shirt is the same size (small) and everything. I couldn't be happier or more confident. I can't wait to wear it out in public. The only drawback I can see is it disappoints men.

"It takes all the fun out of a button-down shirt," my husband said.

Poor baby. For his benefit, I might still wear the old ones. But only in the bedroom. Thank God for The Shirt!

Will you buy this?

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