Comfortable High Heels: We Found Five Pairs!

high heelsComfort shoes -- something about those two words together has always made me feel, well, old and frumpy. But why? Why do I wish to live in a world where comfort and shoes aren't synonymous. Have I really been programmed to believe stylish shoes can't possibly be comfortable too?

Well, I'm an everyday high heel wearer for the most part, but my feet have decided they're done with aching, cramping, and feeling all around bad in the name of style. They say no more! So I decided to head into the world of, eek, "comfort shoes" -- comfort high heels in particular -- and see if the products themselves could change my mind about them.

My three requirements? Comfort, everyday style, and a heel above two and a half inches. Can't wait to show you what I found.


I wrote to several comfort shoemakers to see if they'd let me road test some of their high heels in the name of finding great style combined with great comfort. I was pleasantly surprised by the response and even more amazed that comfort shoes have come such a long way, baby! There are so many cute styles nowadays!

So several shoemakers sent me samples to road test -- because I would do that for YOU -- and I've narrowed down my favorites to share.

5 Stylish & Comfortable High Heels -- Road Tested!


minor role lace up pumps

Minor Role Lace-Up Pumps by Aerosoles ($89)

Heel: 3"

Comfort Construction: These are pumps are light with super-flexible rubber soles and a heavenly cushioned footbed -- and if I learned anything at all in this road test, it's that a well-cushioned footbed makes all the difference.

Why I Love Them: These are the lightest shoes I've ever worn. It's like they're barely there. The style, which includes an adorable ribbon tie, turns the oxford style into something a little more feminine.

rory dansko

Rory Tie Mary Janes by Dansko ($135)

Heel: 3"

Comfort Construction: These feel sturdy and weighted like clogs if you've ever worn clogs and have a wooden outsole, no-slip tread, and dual density footbed. Very comfortable!

Why I Love Them: This heavier style won't appeal to everyone, but it's very 1930s chic, and they look great with jeans as well as skirts and dresses and feel great with or without socks or tights.

Rachel Dansko red

Rachel Mary Janes by Dansko ($150; on sale $135)

Heel: 3"

Comfort Construction: Same comfort technology as the Rory above, and I've worn them grocery shopping, to the park, walking around town, and more. My only complaint is that the ankle strap sometimes rubs my ankle bone a little more than I'd like.

Why I Love Them: They're red -- and actually a little deeper red than they appear to be in the photo above -- and yet they still go with almost everything I wear. I get lots of compliments when I wear these.


rockport audry cross strap heel

Audry Cross Strap Gore by Rockport ($129.95)

Heel: 3.5"

Comfort Construction: These heels have both foam-cushioned footbed (oh yeah) and an adiPRENE (thanks, Adidas!) heel for extra impact protection. Rubber soles keep the slips away and surprisingly sturdy straps control foot motion.

Why I Love Them: These are really dressy and sexy looking, despite their comfort technology, which is seriously comfortable. I swore my feet would be sliding left and right, but these babies have loads of support.


alison dana davis peep toe pump

Alison Peep-Toe Pump by Dana Davis ($450)

Heel: 120mm (just above 4.5 inches)

Comfort Construction: Invisible comfort technology controls balance and provides support and cushion in the heel and forefoot. The most amazing part about this design is the way -- through the use of platforms, insoles, and outsole thickness -- they reduce the pitch of the foot without compromising heel height. I do wish they had no-slip soles, too!

Why I Love Them: Frankly, I think these are the most beautiful black shoes I've ever seen in my life. And while they're price prohibitive for most, their technology is amazing! They look really really high, but they don't feel really really high at all. Hope they can soon bring this great design down in price for the masses. Every woman deserves a shoe this beautiful and comfortable!

Do you have high heels that are comfortable?

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