Pete Wentz Frumpy Dad Look Is 'Fro HOT!

pete wentzI was never a huge Pete Wentz fan. Maybe it's because he's the bass player/spokesperson for a mediocre pop-punk band. Maybe it's because he bought my favorite East Village martini lounge and turned it into a douchebag hideaway that screens NFL games and serves mozzarella sticks. Or because he can't act his way out of a paper bag, as demonstrated by his guest stint on One Tree Hill (Peyton belonged with Lucas anyway!).

But what always bothered me and simultaneously fascinated me was his oddly stick-straight hair, so obviously some laborious flat iron/Japanese straightening method/serious hair gel combo. I found this more annoying than the eyeliner. Even his foray into fatherhood didn't win me over.

Until now. He's embracing his natural 'fro, and I'm seeing the former blowout boy in a whole new light.


The rocker claims Bronx, his 2-year-old son with wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, was the inspiration for his curly hairstyle:

My son, he's got this full head of awesome curly hair, and when he gets out of the bath he's so stoked .... I want to get out of the shower and just be stoked, not think about how I don't want water to touch my hair. The amount of maintenance that went into my [straight] hair was ridiculous.

Hey, Pete, we can all relate. Water is not kind to a blowout. And now that you're a dad, you have even less time for grooming. We're proud of you for putting down the flat iron and putting in the dad hours with Bronx, allowing yourself to be photographed by the paparazzi au naturel.

Hmm ... has motherhood made me eat my words and do I suddenly love Pete Wentz for being a dad? Or is it that he's finally abandoned his high-maintenance hair? I wonder what Ashlee thinks. Oh, wait, she's too busy making headlines with her own hair makeover. She just had to steal Dad's thunder!

What do you think? Is Pete Wentz's new 'do hot or not?

Image via meganwest/Flickr

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