Sherri Shepherd Squeezing Into Size 2 Wedding Gown? I'd Like to View That

Sherri Shepherd, recently engaged, won't be buying a wedding dress anytime soon. That's because The View's curvaceous co-host, who won't reveal her double-digit dress size, aspires to be a size 2. Don't do it, Sherri!

I mean, I know you can -- your 2009 bathing suit challenge is proof -- but I love your curves. They're part of your sassy, confident charm, and they're hot.

Here's why I think Sherri should not try to go from double to single digits:


A couple of years ago in Disney World, Sherri was the hilarious emcee for an outdoor concert at an event for Soap Opera Digest. All My Children's Cameron Mathison, who was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars at the time, was performing with his partner, Edyta Sliwinska.

Afterward, Sherri made a crack about Edyta's super slim physique, saying she needs to "eat a sandwich"! It was amazing. Then, former One Life to Live star Kathy Brier, who is known for being one of the curvier women on daytime TV, sang a song. And the weight commentary continued. I believe Sherri's words were: "Now there's a woman who knows a thing or two about eatin' a sandwich." It was certainly bold, but pretty hilarious. Even Kathy was amused.

Sherri, please don't starve yourself to be a size 2 for your wedding. It's not worth it. Too many women make this mistake, put the weight back on, and then can't bear to look at their wedding photos. Instead, follow your own advice: Eat a sandwich!

Do you think Sherri should drop the pounds for her wedding?


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